SEO Case Study

J & D Alexander are a jewellery business in Rochdale, UK.  The owner approached us as he wanted to increase his business and revenue during the credit crunch – as like everyone else – was having a dip in profits due to the economic climate.  A website is a great way of having permanent advertising ‘out there’, where people can come across it via searches or links.  With SEO, people find YOU and visit your site to see what it’s about.  In business, top rankings mean everything and the top ranks win all the business.

Within days of their jewellery site up and verified on Google’s index, I moved to hit high rankings in searches for specific keywords users would typically type in.

Let’s see a closer look at the results of effective SEO:

If someone searched for ‘Rochdale Jewellery’ in Google (out of 65,800 results): (click to enlarge)


If someone else searched ‘Rochdale Jeweller’ in Google (out of 72,700 results): (click to enlarge)


If someone searched ‘Jewellery Shop Rochdale ‘ in Google (out of 65,200 results): (click to enlarge)


If a user searched for a product that they just happened to sell on their site … you guessed it! (out of 47,000 results):  (click to enlarge)


Can you see how this would increase the level of business for you?    The best thing about this is it applies to any market, any business, any size, any website.  I can use all the correct methodologies and techniques that I know search engines like and encourage and thus gain great results to help your exposure on the web.

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