Search Engine Optimisation

Making your website work for you.

Imagine your company website being on Page 1 of Google.

How much business would that generate for you?


What my SEO clients are saying:

Business has been tough since the recession hit, so we decided to invest a small amount into optimising our existing website.  The decision we made couldn’t have been better – we’ve sold more stock this year so far than last year as a whole, and we now have a growing customer base from all over the UK, all because we are on Page 1 of Google!

SEO to improve your online visibility

With an ever-increasing multitude of websites now online, the internet is a hugely competitive place.  It can be easy for even the best designed site to disappear amongst the jostling activity of other websites who are vying to catch the world’s attention.  Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps your website’s voice to shout a little louder.

Millions of people use search engines every day but few will trawl the many pages of returned listings, instead, simply clicking on websites ranked on the first page of search results.  With OD’s advanced SEO techniques, your website can be optimised to boost its position in the returned rankings, guaranteeing an increase in traffic through your site.   More hits means more customers.

It is sadly true that many businesses fail to have their websites optimised, losing out on uncountable numbers of potential users because of their short-sightedness.  It’s great to have a website to show off your products and services, but if no-one ever finds you, what’s the point?

How Search Engine Optimisation Works?

There are a number of successful search engine optimisation techniques which can achieve great results and which we I use for all my clients.   For best results, a combination of methods including both on-page and off-page optimisation is  normally required.

So that is exactly the strategy I implement for an effective web optimisation campaign for my clients’ websites.  I have been employing these methods for years, I  use them on my own site and I know they work well.  Very well.

What makes me any different?

There are literally thousands of web optimisation and SEO companies out there, who claim they can guarantee you a first page place on Google for any phrases, so what makes my service any different?


No contract with our my web optimisation, so if you feel it isn’t working ,you are free to cancel at anytime.  no risk at all.


including my own website.   Try searching Google for Stockport Web Design, Stockport SEO or Stockport web d design and SEO and you will see me on Page 1 – out of 192,000 results!


I hate spam, Google hates spam and you probably hate it too.  I don’t use methods like some SEO consultants do by stuffing as many keywords into my client’s websites as possible.   This means no meaningless junk; instead I use purely ‘white hat’ methods approved by Google webmaster guidelines.


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