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In today’s digital age, a well built website is an essential channel for businesses to reach and expand their customer base.

What my web design clients are saying:

Phil is talented at what he does and is an immense source of creative input.  You can be confident that just from an idea or concept, he can create a high-quality online experience under guidance or his own initiative.  Spot on. 

Web Design that works

A successful site can be a point of reference, a marketing tool and even a checkout for many companies for whom the internet has opened up vast new opportunities for connecting to their customers.

At OwenDevelopment Web Design, I know what makes a successful website.  It’s highly-effective design, and this encompasses a number of things.   Attractive, striking sites catch the eye and grab users attention – but to keep a user on your page, it must read well and be easy to navigate. Your website should mirror your company, your brand and more importantly… your customers.

I am a specialist in designing and building websites whichtick all the boxes, fulfilling all these areas to make my websites truly effective for my clients. When a client approaches me to build a website, I take the time to identify their site’s goal or objectives and target demographic, then I carefully encapsulate their corporate message and convey it online, creating sparkling sites which stand out and get noticed.

Websites built to last

Of course, the technology behind your website is vitally important too.  If your site is not planned and implemented well, you may be redeveloping or redesigning your website within a year.  This is unfortunately commonplace, as the initial designer simply hasn’t listened to your websites key objectives.  It then doesn’t do what you wanted it to do.   This isn’t the case with OwenDevelopment!  I build each of my sites with the future in mind, so that you can plan ahead and what’s more, I also take great care to ensure that every site we build is of the highest quality and W3C compliant.

The design process

At OD Web Design, I have a tried and tested process for creating professional, reliable, secure and effective websites for my clients.  I use this same step process throughout every single one of my clients:


Step 1.   The Design

After identifying your website audience and purpose, I create an initial impression of what your website will look like.  This is in the form of a flat image, rather like a template, so that we can make quick and easy amends if necessary.

Step 2.   The Coding

Once you are completely happy with the design of your new site, I start building it.  I get to work on piecing it together as I input the building blocks of online life; the coding.  I only use the latest web technologies and search engine-friendly procedures to ensure superb quality and easy accessibility.

Step 3.   Going Live

Finally, your site is ready to enter the online world. Your finished site is put live onto the domain, we set up your emails and you’re ready to roll.  Full instructions are provided (dependant on website) on how to login and alter content on your site ourself, and I ‘hand-over’ your site to you.


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